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The main mode for ECDC to interact with the Member States on scientific and technical work is within networks linked to Competent Bodies in the countries. In each Member State there is a Coordinating Competent Body (CCB) with a National Coordinator (NC) responsible for institutional contacts with ECDC, as well as National Focal Points (NFPs) and Operational Contacts Points (OCP) responsible for strategic and operational collaboration on technical and scientific issues for specific diseases areas and public health functions. The various networks consist of NFPs and OCPs within the areas of ECDC work.
Common terms of reference for the NFPs, OCPs, and Network Coordination Committees have been developed in order to consolidate the structures, functions, and work processes of the networks. 

Public health networks

The NFPs and OCPs for the below public health functions constitute the ECDC Public Health Networks. Within the ECDC, each of the Public Health Networks is coordinated by the relevant ECDC section:
  • Communication
  • Microbiology
  • Preparedness and Response
  • Public Health Training
  • Scientific Advice Coordination
  • Surveillance
  • Threat Detection.


The Microbiology Network includes the NFPs for Microbiology and the OCPs for Microbiology in all the Disease Networks, likewise the Surveillance Network includes the NFPs for surveillance and the OCPs for epidemiology microbiology (when appropriate, e.g. for laboratory based surveillance) and TESSy interactions in all the disease networks.


Disease networks

The Disease Networks consist of the disease group-specific NFPs and OCPs for disease-related interactions. Within the ECDC, each of the Disease Networks is coordinated by one of the ECDC Disease Programmes.

Antimicrobial resistance  and healthcare-associated infections 


Emerging and vector-borne diseases


Food- and waterborne diseases, zoonoses


HIV, STI and blood-borne viruses






Vaccine preventable diseases and invasive bacterial infections

*The titles of these networks are currently under discussion.
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