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Communication tools

ECDC tools to support effective communication
ECDC brings together health communication research and best practices, and develops practical resources with the aim to assist public health authorities in Member States in their health promotion initiatives. ECDC’s communication tools have a significant added value both at a communication and economic level. Customisable tools can greatly lessen the costs of communication campaigns by saving time and resources and help spreading common and coherent messages throughout the EU. These tools can serve as input for countries that have not yet developed specific health communication programmes or as bank of ideas for those who have already implemented specific campaigns.


Communication toolkits are easily adaptable. They contain practical template materials (text, layouts, images, etc.), suggested key messages for specific priority audiences and ideas for awareness-raising activities on prevention and control of communicable diseases. Toolkit materials can be used as a whole or taken in parts, to fit national strategies and needs.



ECDC’s communication guidance documents aim at supporting Member States’ health communication capacity building. These publications provide ideas on strategies for planning and implementing national health communication initiatives for the prevention and control of communicable diseases, with hands-on advice on steps to consider.



  • Capacity building in risk communication



ECDC video related to crisis communication
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