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About EAN Awards for the best oral and poster presentations at ESCAIDE

The EPIET Alumni Network (EAN) assigns a prize at ESCAIDE for the two presentations (one oral and one poster) that are most effective in transmitting a public health message. This initiative was started in 2010 by the former EAN Presidents in occasion of the 15 years of EPIET and at the time it was called 'EAN Presidents’ Prize' (see below).

An EAN Prize Committee judges the oral and poster presentations. The Committee comprises EAN members that are not part of the graduating or current EPIET cohorts and the moderators of each session. Only presentations which are the contributions from the parallel sessions are assessed (i.e. plenary sessions are excluded).

Winners of 2012 EAN Presidents’ Prize:

Best oral presentation:

Influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe, 2011-12: estimates from the I-MOVE multicentre case-control study among target groups for vaccination
Esther Kissling (EPICONCEPT)

Best poster presentation:

The need to develop control measures for salmonellosis to ensure safety of home-produced eggs, Poland 2011: Lessons from an outbreak,
Anna Zielicka-Hardy (EPIET)


 Winners of 2011 EAN Presidents’ Prize:

Poster (ex aequo):

The changing profile of Salmonella serovars in England & Wales, Alison Waldram.


Outbreak of Yersinia enterocolitica O:9 infections associated with bagged salad mix in Norway, February to April 2011, Emily MacDonald. 

Abrupt increase in incidence of narcolepsy in children and adolescents, not in adults after pandemic vaccination in Finland in 2010, Hanna Nohynek. 

Bloodborne virus exposure in healthcare settings in Ireland: review of lookback exercises 1997-2011, Lelia Thornton.

 Winners of 2010 EAN Presidents’ Prize:

Poster (ex aequo):

Leptospira in Azorean Rodents versus Human Infection Risk
Mónica Nunes, A. T. Gonçalves, T. Carreira, M. L. Vieira, M. Collares-Pereira

Surveillance of School Absenteeism in the Northern Region of Portugal – 2007/2008
Joana Dias, A. Correia


Trends in Invasive Meningococcal Disease in London between 2000 and 2010 following the introduction of the Meningococcal C conjugated Vaccine
Olivier le Polain de Waroux, S. J. Gray, E. B. Kaczmarski, H. Maguire