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 Presentations 2013


The ESCAIDE 2013 presentations are made available online with the permission of the authors. The content of the presentations is a sole responsibility of the authors, including any use of a third-party copyright material.

Some presentations from the conference are not available as they contain data which cannot be made public at this time.

Keynote address: 'No time to lose: of infectious diseases, science, politics and institutions’, Prof. Peter Piot

 Parallel session 1: Food- and water-borne diseases

 Parallel session 2: Surveillance

  Parallel session 3: Antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections

 Parallel session 4: Vaccine- preventable diseases

 Parallel session 5: Outbreaks (1)

 Parallel session 6: Surveillance systems

Plenary Session B: Phylogenomics for public health: unravelling disease transmission
Plenary Session C: Late Breaker’ session

 Parallel session 7: Influenza

 Parallel session 8: Outbreaks (2)

 Parallel session 9: Vector-borne diseases

 Parallel session 10: International health

 Parallel session 11: TB and other respiratory diseases (excluding influenza)

 Parallel session 12: Public Health microbiology and molecular epidemiology

 Parallel session 13: Vacccine coverage

 Parallel session 15: Zoonoses

Plenary Session D: The epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and co has undergone considerable changes in the past decades

 Parallel session 16: Vaccine effectiveness

 Parallel session 17: Novel methodological approaches for disease investigation, surveillance and control

 Parallel session 18: Sexually Transmitted Infections

ESCAIDE Special plenary session: Emerging Public Health Event of 2013.

Severe respiratory disease associated with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)