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 Guidelines for posters

Size: Posters should be available in A0 size, portrait version (118.9 x 84.1cm).
Layout:     The poster should be easily readable from a distance of about 2 metres. A carefully considered layout attracts interest, and helps the reader to understand the author’s findings and their significance. Do not crowd your poster.
Heading:     The character size for the poster title shall be at least 25 mm, and for the authors’ names and affiliations at least 15 mm. Mixed upper and lower case is recommended to facilitate readability. The presenting author should be mentioned first.
Figures and tables: All figures and tables shall be clearly legible from at least 2m, and each figure should have a short, self-explanatory legend. Character size in Figure Legends and Tables should be at least 7 mm. Clarity is much enhanced by careful design and labelling of the figures, and can be further improved by clear colour-coding.
Hand outs:    To give additional details of your work, you may wish to bring handouts for interested viewers to pick up.
Printing:     All delegates will be responsible for the printing and carriage of their poster to the venue.  There will be no provision to print posters on-site.

Poster registration at the conference
Each poster will be allocated a unique poster number (which will be distinct from the original abstract number). More information will be given to you on site at the registration desk.

Amendment of abstracts
Please note that it is possible to make minor corrections to accepted abstracts where these do not alter the underlying abstract content. Modifications can be done directly in the abstract management system no later than Friday, 5 September 2014.

Publication of posters
In order to support transparency and to ensure your work has maximum impact, we would like to invite poster authors to submit their posters for publication on the ESCAIDE website after the conference. Note that this is entirely voluntary, but hope that many will wish to have the work available for others to view.
if you wish for your poster to published on-line please either:

Amended ‘on-line’ versions of the poster can be submitted if you wish to remove sensitive data and other material before publication on the website.

Please ensure that all poster material submitted is authorised for publication (please remove none-copyrighted photos, cartoons, graphics etc.)

Policy on notification of funding/potential Conflicts of Interest
In order to support transparency, poster authors should include a short summary within their poster to indicate all sources of funding and potential Conflicts of Interest for the work presented at ESCAIDE.  

 Download ESCAIDE 2014 Poster guidelines