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 Travel grants 2017

Travel grants for ESCAIDE 2017 will be announced in due course. You can read below how these were organised last year.

Winner of the 2016 EAN Travel Grants

EAN travel grant winner is:

Nivohanitra Perle Razafindraibe from Madagascar;Doctor in Veterinary Medicine who is currently carrying out the Indian Ocean FETP. She works for the Ministère de l’Elevage et de l’Agriculture - Direction des Services Vétérinaires. At ESCAIDE 2016, she is presenting ‘Avian Newcastle disease: a farm case-control study in Mananjary, Madagascar, 2015 – 2016’, an oral presentation part of the Parallel session 16 on Food- and waterborne diseases and zoonoses (3).



About the EAN Travel Grants for ESCAIDE 2016​​

The alumni association of the European programme for intervention epidemiology training EPIET (EPIET Alumni Network or EAN) offered a small numbers of competitive travel grants to allow epidemiologists and public health microbiologists to attend the meeting.​

This year we had sufficient funds for two EAN travel grants. Only applicants whose abstract had been accepted for a presentation at ESCAIDE 2016 were considered.

Preference was given to:

  • Abstracts that have been accepted for an oral presentation
  • Countries that have previously been under-represented at ESCAIDE (see Annex I EAN Outreach Project).


Deadline for applications 15 September 2016, 23:59 Central European Time (CET) by email to


The aim is to provide funding to those who would not otherwise be able to attend the conference as they do not have other sources of support. In addition, presenters from countries identified as being under-represented at ESCAIDE will be preferentially supported (see Annex I, EAN Outreach Project).

Scope and grants available 

The grants are provided to support transport and accommodation costs to the conference only. Grants are limited to €600 per applicant (EU countries) or €800 for countries outside the EU. Only one grant per abstract accepted will be provided, i.e. for presentations or posters with multiple authors, only a single presenting author will be supported. 
All travel grants will be paid to recipients AFTER attendance of ESCAIDE 2016 (as per the schedule mentioned below) and there will be no prior-to travelling or on-site payment of funds.

Travel Grant Selection Committee  

The applications will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of the EAN Board.  


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have an abstract accepted for presentation at ESCAIDE 2016 and not have any other supporting finance for travel and accommodation;
  • Be the first author and the presenter of the abstract;
  • Non-EAN members will be prioritised in the selection process;
  • Not have received an EAN Travel Grant in the previous three years.

Assessment criteria 

In the event that applications for grants exceed the funds available, the following scoring system will be used to allocate awards.
Scoring System for Grants
Subject area
Main focus public health epidemiology and/or microbiology: outbreak investigations, surveillance, quantitative studies, etc.
Other focus: policy, qualitative studies, etc.
Country of presenting author (other than outreach countries)
Low, lower-middle or upper-middle income country as defined by World Bank 2014
EU or EU accession country
Other country
Country under-represented
at ESCAIDE during previous  years (Outreach Country)
If the country of origin is one of those targeted by the outreach project (see Annex I) an additional 2 points will be assigned to the application
Applicants with the highest number of points will be given preference if there are more applicants than grants. The country of presenter is defined as the country specified in the affiliation given for that author in the abstract.

How to apply 

The applicants must complete and send the following documents to the EAN board ( 
  • An application form (See Annex II, EAN Travel grant application form);
  • A copy of their current CV;
  • A letter of recommendation from their employer or supervisor, supporting their application and stating that they will not obtain sponsorship for this conference from any other source;
  • The accepted abstract;
  • A copy of the abstract acceptance letter from ESCAIDE 2016.

Only application with all required documents will be considered.

Applications must be received by 15 September 2016 at 23:59 CET.


Deadline for EAN travel grant application
15 September 2016
EAN Travel Grant Awards decided
30 September 2016
Date of ESCAIDE 2016
28-30 November 2016
Deadline for receipts from EAN travel grant recipients
20 December 2016
Travel grants to be paid by EAN to recipients
10 January 2017

Sources of funding and Declaration of interest

The ESCAIDE 2013 Scientific Committee noted EAN’s request to formally consider any potential conflict of interest regarding the use of money from pharmaceutical companies for travel grants to support attendance. The Committee noted that abstract selection will be made purely on the basis of scientific quality. The peer review is performed anonymously, in advance, and independently from the assignment of grants. Travel grants will be awarded only after the authors have been notified of the decision to accept an abstract in the conference.  Therefore the Committee agrees that potential for selection bias towards authors who may attend ESCAIDE using grants offered by EAN does not subsist.
However, in order to ensure transparency and to avoid any conflict of interest, all applicants must declare any conflict of interest relating to their presented work and the above organisations.

Publicising of grants

Advertisements for these grants will be available on the websites of the following organisations.
  • EAN
  • ECDC


Presenters receiving an EAN travel grant must provide a short (500 words) account of their experience at ESCAIDE, which may be used in the EAN newsletter to publicise the work of EAN.


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