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Question 1:
Is it necessary for each partner of the consortium to present "all" the documents mentioned in Section 3 "Exclusion and selection criteria"?
As mentioned in Section 1.4, each member of the consortium must provide the required evidence for the exclusion and selection criteria.

Question 2:
In Annex V (Authorized Signatory form), who can be the Authorized Signatory for the purpose of the contract? (e.g., can he/she be the scientific coordinator of the project?)
The Authorised signatory is the person who has the right to sign the contract on behalf of the legal entity. Please note that in case of consortia, a consortium agreement duly signed and dated by each of the consortium members specifying the company or person heading the project and authorised to submit a tender on behalf of the consortium (please see section 1.4 of these tender specifications).

Question 3:
Has the legal Representative of the consortium leader to sign all the submitted documents? (including the technical proposal?)
Tenders must be signed by the tenderer or his duly authorised representative (including all annexes which need to be signed).
Question 4:
As regards subcontractors, it says that they must 'satisfy the elegibility criteria'. Does this mean that they have to present the whole documentation requested for the consortium members? (including the financial and economic capacity documents?) Can they be individuals? In this case, which documentation do they need to provide?
These documents are not required for subcontractors.


Question 5:
Concerning Economic and financial capacity we are a public body so we are sure to be in a stable financial position and to have the economic and financial capacity to perform the contract, but we cannot give you a statement of overall turnover and turnover concerning services/supplies covered bythe contract during the last three financial years. So, how can we demonstrate it? It would be sufficient for you the balance sheets in italian language?
It is possible to submit as part of the tender documentation requested under Article 3.2.2 Economic and financial capacity, the balance sheets (or extracts of them) for the last two years for which accounts have been closed and also the income statement (statement of overall turnover) for the last three financial years for which accounts have been closed. The documents can be in the Italian language. ECDC shall review those documents as part of the evaluation process and shall inform you if deemed necessary to request any additional documentary evidence to assess the economic and financial capacity under Article 3.2.2 of the tender specifications.


Question 6:
we are filling the financial proposal but I suppose that the authomatic total is not correct (since it doesn't include E44 cell)?

In response to your question, the total amount did indeed not include all cells. The financial proposal form has now been corrected.



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