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Recruitment status

Updated: 19 August 2016  

Contract Grade Title Unit Status
​AD ​5 ​Group Leader Project Management ​ICT ​Screening in process
​AD ​5 ​Group Leader Missions and Meetings ​RMC ​​Position advertised
AD​ ​8 ​Enterprise Architect ​ICT ​​Position advertised
AD​ ​8 ​Senior Expert Scientific Quality ​OCS ​Position advertised
​AD ​8 ​Senior Expert Hepatitis ​SRS Interviews scheduled
​AD ​8 ​Senior Expert Vaccine-preventable Diseases ​SRS ​Interviews scheduled
​AD ​5 ​Expert Tuberculosis ​SRS Interviews concluded
​AD 8​ ​Senior Expert Data Management / Group Leader Surveillance Data Services ​SRS Position filled
​AD ​8 ​Senior Expert / Group Leader General Surveillance ​SRS Screening in progress (delayed)
​AD ​5 ​Expert Communication Capacity Support ​PHC ​Position filled
​FG ​III ​Corporate Governance Specialist ​DIR ​​Position filled
​FG ​II ​Office Assistant ​VU Position filled
​FG ​III ​Human Resources Specialist ​RMC Position filled
​AST ​4 ​ICT Security Officer ​ICT ​​​Position filled
​AD ​5 ​Expert ARHAI (2) ​SRS ​​Position filled
​FG ​IV ​Programme Manager ​OCS ​Position filled
​AD ​10 ​Deputy Head ICT ​ICT ​Position filled
​FG ​III ​Events Assistant ​RMC ​​Position filled
​AD 8​ ​Head of Disease Programme Vaccine Preventable Diseases ​OCS ​​Position filled
​AD ​8 ​Head of Disease Programme Influenza and other Respitory Viruses ​OCS ​​Position filled
​AD ​8 ​Head of the Continuous Professional Development Programme ​PHC Position filled


Past vacancies

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 Reserve list extensions

Reserve list extensions from 31 December 2015 to 31 December 2016:
Contract Agent
Procurement Assistant, RMC, Contract Agent, FG III
Temporary Agent
Head of EUPHEM, PHC, Temporary Agent, AD 8
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