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ECDC’s Training role aims to “support and coordinate training programmes in order to assist Member States and the Commission to have sufficient numbers of trained specialists, in particular in epidemiological surveillance and field investigations, and to have a capability to define health measures to control disease outbreaks.” (Article 9, Regulation 851/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004, establishing ECDC). 

Five key priorities for Public Health Training are defined in the ECDC Strategic Multi Annual Programme 2014-2020. By the end of this period:
  1. 1. A sustainable level of EPIET and EUPHEM fellows has been established, any further expansion of the fellowship programme is seen through increased number of national EPIET Associated programmes;
  2. 2. MediPIET has been firmly established. The responsibility has been fully handed over to the participant countries, but the network retains its strong links to the ECDC-led training networks in the EU;
  3. 3. The ECDC virtual training centre offers online training resources, including e-learning and tools for knowledge transfer, allowing countries to cascade training to regional and local levels;
  4. 4. Further core competencies have been defined and guide the curricula of ECDC training initiatives;
  5. 5. ECDC has delivered short training modules and ‘sharing good practice’ workshops targeting national experts at midcareer and senior level in ECDC networks, with focus on the international dimensions of disease prevention and control.


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