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Archive: Network of travel and tropical medicine specialists (EuroTravNet)

EuroTravNet was an expert network of travel and tropical medicine specialists. Untill 2012 the network was funded by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).


During this period the network’s activities included:
  • providing valuable expertise on clinical diagnosis of the returned traveller; detection, identification and management of imported infections;
  • supporting ECDC’s mandate to detect, verify, assess and communicate on communicable diseases, which can be associated with travelling;
  • providing ad hoc response to specific queries regarding potential outbreaks or trends in travel-related infections. EuroTravNet members supported epidemic intelligence activities offering a 24/7 expertise duty service.
The network enlarged from 32 members in 2008 to more than 50 in 2011.
EuroTravNet provided regular updates (scientific advances) on travel related diseases for publication on ECDC’s website. The network also provided an opportunity to share expertise, offer reference laboratory tools to members and survey specific diseases through collaboration with other networks.


For more information about the past activities of the network  please visit the EuroTravNet website.





 Travellers' Health


Travel health includes all aspects of diseases related to travel. While many of these activities fall out of ECDC’s scope, others related to the detection, verification and notification of possible communicable disease health threats are part of ECDC's mandate.





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