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Preparedness and response planning

The preparedness and response planning activities of ECDC aim at ensuring that the European Union and its Member States are fully prepared to effectively respond to any communicable disease threat.

To meet this overarching objective, ECDC supports the European Commission by developing tools and guidelines to assist Member States in evaluating their level of preparedness, identifying potential gaps and vulnerabilities, and strengthening their capacities where needed.
These preparedness and response planning activities take place in the context of the EU’s legal framework on serious cross-border threats to health contained in the EU Decision 1082/2013/EU.

Through its activities, ECDC aims at supporting the EU’s preparedness objectives set out in this Decision, i.e.:

  • sharing best practice and experience in preparedness and response planning;
  • promoting the interoperability of national preparedness planning;
  • addressing the intersectoral dimension of preparedness and response planning at Union level;
  • supporting the implementation of core capacity requirements for surveillance and response as referred to in Articles 5 and 13 of the International Health Regulations;


Areas of activities:

  • National Focal Points meetings;
  • Exchange of knowledge and information on threats and outbreaks through the Epidemic Intelligence Information System (EPIS);
  • Influenza Pandemic preparedness;
  • Communicable disease threats at mass gatherings;
  • Bioterrorism and intentional threats;
  • Simulation Exercises;
  • Training workshops;
  • Outbreak assistance teams;
  • Emerging and re-emerging diseases;
  • Outbreak support;
  • Development of glossaries, guidelines, self-assessment instruments and tools to improve preparedness capabilities.
  • Support to the countries in building capacities in risk and crisis communication, facilitating sharing of experience, providing tools and resources.
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