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Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC): Update on outbreak in the EU (1 July 2011, 11:00)

01 Jul 2011

Update since 30 June – 11:00: In the EU/EEA, 892 HUS cases, including 32 deaths, and 3 233 non-HUS cases, including 17 deaths, have so far been reported. The table and figure below show the distribution of reported cases per country.

Since the last update, Germany reports four additional HUS cases, 44 additional non-HUS STEC cases and one new HUS fatality. The latest known date of onset of diarrhoea for cases is 26 June in Germany.

With regards to the outbreak in France (Bordeaux Region), eight cases of bloody diarrhoea and a further eight HUS cases have been identified as of 30 June. Infection with E. coli O104:H4 has been confirmed for six patients with HUS. Eleven of the patients had attended the event in Bègles, where nine reported having eaten sprouts; it concerns seven women and four men, between 31 and 64 years of age.

Thorough investigations are ongoing. Strains from three patients tested by the French authorities were compared to strains from patients linked to the outbreak in Germany. The comparison showed that the two strains were indistinguishable. This suggests that these two events are related to a common source.


Table 1: Number of probable and confirmed HUS cases and non-HUS STEC cases with associated deaths per EU/EEA Member State as of 1 July, 11:00

Member States

Number of HUS cases (death)

Number of non-HUS STEC cases (death)

Countries reporting HUS cases


1 (0)

4 (0)

Czech Republic

0 (0)

1 (0)


9 (0)

14 (0)


6 (0) Confirmed cases*
2 (0) Suspected cases*

2 (0) Probable and confirmed cases**
8 (0) Suspected cases*


692 (24) Probable and confirmed
153 (7) Suspected cases

3 154 (17)


0 (0)

1 (0)


1 (0)

1 (0)


4 (0)

7 (0)


0 (0)

1 (0)


2 (0)

1 (0)


1 (0)

1 (0)


18 (1)

35 (0)

The United Kingdom

3 (0)

3 (0)


892 (32)

3 233 (17)

Note: the numbers in this table represent the total number of cases reported at the European level (ECDC) so far. Although daily numbers of reported cases have steadily decreased in the last weeks, these cumulative numbers continue to rise due to reporting delays at the various levels.

* Cases reported from the new outbreak in Bordeaux
** Cases reported earlier, linked to travel to Germany

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