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Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC): Update on outbreak in the EU (21 July 2011, 11:00)

21 Jul 2011

In the EU/EEA, six non-HUS STEC cases and no HUS STEC cases were reported to have fallen ill within the last 10 days (11 July – 20 July), all in Germany. These are six probable cases, not yet confirmed with STEC O104. The last known date of illness onset in a patient with confirmed STEC O104 was 7 July 2011. The last reported date of illness onset among all cases was 12 July 2011.

As of today, the cumulative number of confirmed STEC cases in the EU/EEA is 907. This includes 258 HUS STEC cases and 649 non-HUS STEC cases. Additionally, there are 512 probable HUS STEC and 2 504 probable non-HUS STEC cases, with no confirmation of STEC O104 at present time. In total, in the EU, 43 persons have died of confirmed or probable STEC infection. Of these, 27 were HUS STEC cases and 16 were non-HUS STEC cases. The table below shows the distribution of cumulative probable and confirmed STEC cases per country.

Since the last update, Germany has reported one HUS STEC case and three non-HUS STEC cases. France has reported one additional HUS STEC case and excluded one non-HUS STEC case. A link to the daily update from the Robert Koch Institute is provided below. Other Member States have not reported any HUS or non-HUS cases since the last update.

Table 1: Number of probable and confirmed HUS STEC and non-HUS STEC cases, as per the EU case definition, and associated deaths per EU/EEA Member State, 21 July 11:00

Member States

Number Of HUS STEC Cases (Deaths)

Number Of Non-HUS STEC Cases (Deaths)


1 (0)

4 (0)

Czech Republic

0 (0)

1 (0)


10 (0)

15 (0)


9 (0)*

2 (0)*

2 (0)**


721 (26)

3 078 (16)


0 (0)

1 (0)


1 (0)

1 (0)


4 (0)

7 (0)


0 (0)

1 (0)


2 (0)

1 (0)


1 (0)

1 (0)


18 (1)

35 (0)

The United Kingdom

3 (0)

4 (0)


770 (27)

3 153 (16)

Note: the numbers in this table represent the total number of cases reported at the European level (ECDC) so far. Although daily numbers of reported cases have steadily decreased in the last weeks, these cumulative numbers continue to rise due to reporting delays at the various levels.
Suspected cases (Germany: 136 HUS STEC (6 deaths), France: 4 non-HUS STEC) are not included.

* Cases reported from the outbreak in Bordeaux
** Cases reported earlier, linked to travel to Germany

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