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Latest update on Chikungunya in Italy

13 Sep 2007

Active surveillance of cases of Chikungunya in North-East Italy is continuing. As a result of improved surveillance, suspected cases continue to be reported, reaching a total of 254 on 13 September. So far 78 cases have been laboratory confirmed, with the most recent confirmed case experiencing the start of symptoms on 2 September. Those affected have recovered within a few days. No additional fatalities have occurred.

Chikungunya virus has been isolated from local “tiger mosquitoes” (Aedes albopictus). Data collected so far suggests that local transmission has occurred in four different areas. The local and regional authorities have set up a vigorous response to control the vector. Surveillance of Chikungunya at national level has also been reinforced.

A team of public health experts led by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) will visit Italy next week to exchange experiences and examine the implications of the Chikungunya outbreak for other European countries.

This update was provided by the Italian Ministry of Health, based on data provided by Regional Health Authority and National Institute of Health (ISS), on 13 September.

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