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European Legionnaires’ Disease Surveillance Network (ELDSNet)

ELDSNet, which is coordinated by ECDC, carries out surveillance of Legionnaires’ disease (the pneumonic form of legionellosis), involving all EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. It aims to identify relevant public health risks, enhance prevention of cases and monitor epidemiological trends.

This section of the ECDC web portal describes the network and its background and introduces the participating institutions. It also provides useful information on Legionnaires’ disease (see section "publications") as well as the methods (EU case definition) and some results (see section "monthly reports" of surveillance through ELDSNet.

In the accommodation site list, ELDSNet publishes the name of hotels or other tourist accommodation that may pose a possible risk for Legionnaires’ disease to travellers.

The network coordinators at ECDC can be contacted at



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