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Surveillance Atlas

The Surveillance Atlas of Infectious Diseases is a tool that interacts with the latest available data about a number of infectious diseases. The interface allows users to interact and manipulate the data to produce a variety of tables and maps.​​



Map maker tool iconThe ECDC Map Maker tool (EMMa) is a web-based GIS tool designed for communicable disease surveillance experts to help identify patterns in communicable disease surveillance data or during outbreaks investigations.


Access E3 GeoportalDiscover the E3 Geoportal, designed to promote geospatial infectious disease modelling in Europe and its integration in Public health.
Safe use of personal protective equipment:​ a tutorial which aims to improve the protection of staff dealing with infectious diseases of high consequence.  

With this new tool, epidemiologists, HIV programme managers, public health professionals as well as researchers will be able to calculate the estimated HIV incidence in a given population.

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