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Postcards from the field
Here you can find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the EPIET Fellowship Programme (two-years) and the EPIET Introductory course (three-weeks).

If you can not find the answer to your question below or if you have suggestions for other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EPIET Programme Office.


EPIET Fellowship
01. When can I apply to the fellowship?
02. CAn I apply to the EPIET programme if I am not an national of an EU member state?
03. What are the professional prerequisites to apply to the EIPIET programme?
04. How long does the selection process take?
05. When does the fellowship start?
06. If I am selected will I receive a salary during the two-year training?
07. As EPIET fellows, are we entitled to paid leave/sick leave/insurance?
08. What is the EPIET working language?
09. What is the best way to enquire about, and to select, a training site for my two-year training?
10. Do I have to spend the two years in the same institute?
11. Can I attend university courses (MpH, PhD) during my EPIET two-year training?
12. How is supervision of EPIET fellows carried out?
13. How frequent do EPIET fellows and coordinators meet during the two-year programme?
14. As an EPIET fellow, will I have the opportunity to participate in international missions in developing countries?
15. Do I have to pay myself to participate in the modules arranged during the training programme?
16. Is there a diploma issued by the EPIET programme at the end of the two-year training?
17. Is EPIET providing a job after the two-year training?
18. Are moving expenses to the hosting country remibursed by the EPIET office, or will I move at my own expense?
19. Will I receive help and assistance in looking for an accommodation in the hosting country?
EPIET Introductory course
1. I am interested in participating in the Introductory Course, how do I apply?
2. If I am not an European citizen, can I apply to the EPIET Introductory Course?
3. How much is the course fee to the Introductory Course?
4. What costs do I have to cover for participating to the Introductory Course?
5. If my country/institute cannot fund my participation in the Introductory Course, how can I get external funding?