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Postcards from the field
External Evaluation 


 In February 1999, an external evaluation of the EPIET programme was carried out to answer the following questions:

  • To what extent does EPIET fulfil its objectives?
  • Is EPIET good value for the price it costs to run the programme?
  • Does the training meet the standards required to appropriate and effective learning?
  • Can the training be adapted to other disciplines (e.g. environmental health)
  • Are there alternative models to accomplish the training objectives (e.g. through an institution)?
  • What impact does EPIET have on other international organisations?

The report of this evaluation is available on this website.

In 2009 and 2010, the EPIET programme was evaluated by a team of external evaluators. While the evaluation found that the EPIET programme itself was of excellent quality, there were relevant conclusions and recommendations in four ‘key areas’:

  • Increase programme ‘ownership’ of Member States equitably (selecting fellows, addressing country-specific needs);
  • Increase the number of fellows trained (to address the country needs more adequately);
  • Address brain-drain issues within the EU and strategy for “repatriation” of fellows;
  • Expand the scope of the programme to a broader public health approach.

 The details of the evaluation can be found in the pdf document below.

The members of the ECDC Advisory Forum endorsed, during their 23rd meeting in September 2010, the reorganisation and expansion of the EPIET programme to better respond to the needs of the Member States (MS). Thus, it was decided that the field epidemiology training will be composed of the two EU and the MS-track. The MS-track should aim at building capacity in MS that have so far not been able to benefit from the EPIET programme in terms of returning EPIET graduates or in terms of establishing field training sites within their country.

Starting in September 2011 (EPIET cohort 17), 10 additional seats have been planned for a partially ECDC-funded MS-track in addition to the 18 grants for the EPIET EU-track.


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