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Training Site Forum 


The EPIET programme is managed by ECDC since November 2007.  Technical advice of EU Member States for training in a way that is consistent with the organisation of the ECDC is provided by the Competent Body for Training and the ‘EPIET Training Site Forum’.

 The scope of the Competent Body for Training on EPIET issues are:

  • To provide strategic advice and suggestions for future developments of EPIET and similar training programmes;
  • To advise on implementation and review of the EPIET training objectives;
  •  To assess the programme outcomes regularly at scientific and technical level, compared to the established training needs.

In addition, the scope of the EPIET Technical Expert Group is:

  • To provide technical input from training sites in terms of feedback on the curriculum and current programme (e.g. on administration, communication, training resources and tools, preparation and execution of modules etc) ;
  • To identify training needs for trainers;
  • To facilitate and participate in recruitment of fellows and facilitators.

 Both groups meet on an annual base.  

The EPIET Training Site Forum (ETSF) includes all representatives of EPIET training sites plus the EPIET Alumni Network (EAN). ETSF members are nominated by the different participating institutions. The current ETSF members are: