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 EPIET and EUPHEM training site

EU and EEA Member States with acknowledged training sites can express their interest in having an MS-track post to train a public health expert in their workforce. If Member States are interested in training experts through the ECDC fellowship programme but do not have an acknowledge training site, they can express their interest and ECDC will organize an initial site appraisal to those countries, to evaluate their potential availability as training sites.
Call for expression of interest are being organised by ECDC on regular basis, please check this page for details.
Since 2011 the ECDC fellowship programme has provided training by way of MS-track posts in EU/EEA Member States. It addresses the need of strengthening the field epidemiology and public health microbiology capacity within the Member States and is especially directed towards Member States that have not yet benefitted from the ECDC fellowship programme.  ECDC will be able to offer 12 MS-track seats for cohort 2017.

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