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European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology (ESCAIDE)
5-7 November 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

I would like to warmly welcome all of you at ESCAIDE 2014, where we can review together the success stories and remaining challenges for infectious disease surveillance in Europe and beyond.

This year’s programme will cover outstanding questions on the Ebola outbreak taking place in West Africa, novel approaches to disease surveillance, prevention and control, and various aspects on the new (e.g. next generation surveillance of foodborne diseases) and the old (e.g. tuberculosis, measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases).

In addition to being a scientific conference, ESCAIDE is also a networking and social event. With the expertise and experience that you all are bringing, you will make ESCAIDE 2014 a get-together of outstanding experts, fascinating speakers, experienced colleagues and trusted public health professionals!

Andrea Ammon, Chair, ESCAIDE Scientific Committee





15 Oct 2014
This year's conference pilots BarCamp@ESCAIDE, 5 November, 18:30, Conference venue

8 Oct 2014
ESCAIDE 2014 Programme: What's new in 2014?

24 Sep 2014
The winners of the EAN grants have been announced











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