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Antimicrobial resistance interactive database (EARS-Net)

The results of the EARS-Net  are available from the interactive database that provides information on the occurrence and spread of antimicrobial resistance in Europe.



The EARS-Net interactive database allows user-friendly display of selected results in various downloadable formats, such as tables, figures, and maps.



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 Access to ECDC Member States Data in TESSy by Third Parties.

How representative are the data?

The data have been collected at the national level under the responsibility of each participating country. The laboratories in the countries serve a variety of health-care institutions (e.g. university or specialised hospitals; general and district hospitals; rehabilitation centres; nursing homes).  Sample sizes and coverage may vary considerably between countries.

For conclusions and interpretation of results presented through the EARS-Net interactive database, please refer to the Annual antimicrobial resistance surveillance reports.

The number of isolates reported per country to EARS-Net can vary substantially due to large variations in the number of inhabitants or reporting laboratories. To avoid extreme values, country data are only shown on maps if they are based on at least 10 isolates. When using the map function in the intreactive database it is advised to examine the exact numbers listed in the underlying tables. 

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