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Microbiology is the study of micro-organisms, including those that are causing infectious diseases. It comprises several disciplines specialising in different types of micro-organisms: viruses (virology), bacteria (bacteriology), fungi (mycology and parasites (parasitology).
Public health microbiology is a cross-cutting area that spans the fields of human, animal, food, water, and environmental microbiology, with a focus on human health and disease. Public health microbiology laboratories play a central role in detection, monitoring, outbreak response, and providing scientific evidence to prevent and control infectious diseases.

It is of great importance to ensure sufficient microbiology capacity within the EU/EEA and to detect and characterise infectious agents in a timely and accurate manner in order to manage infectious threats. ECDC fosters the development of such capacity by encouraging cooperation between expert and reference laboratories. Technically, the ECDC’s Public Health Microbiology Programme encompasses all laboratory cooperation activities and microbiology projects of ECDC.
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EU Laboratory Capability Monitoring System (EULabCap)

EULabCap (EU Laboratory Capability Monitoring System) is a tool for assessing and monitoring the laboratory capacities and capabilities in 30 EU/EEA countries to underpin public health surveillance and assessment of risk posed by infectious disease. Furthermore, it gives an indication on the progression towards agreed upon practice standards and public health targets. This assessment aims at helping policy makers identify possible areas for action and evaluate the impact of capacity strengthening activities and health system reforms. This report presents the indicator results of the 2013 data, and as the first report it will provide a baseline for future monitoring. The results will be published on an annual basis.

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