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Communication toolkit on influenza vaccination

Campaign materials for healthcare workers and people in risk groups

This toolkit aims to assist EU Member States in devising communication activities to increase influenza vaccination uptake and promote preventive measures to limit its spread. It can be adapted and used by countries that have not yet developed specific health communication programmes or as a bank of ideas. 

Guidelines on how to use the seasonal influenza communication toolkit

Who do you want to reach?

  • Healthcare workers: They are key players in advising and delivering influenza vaccination. Despite being widely recommended, influenza immunisation coverage among healthcare workers is very low in EU and EEA countries.
  • People in “risk groups”: elderly people and those with chronic medical condition are at higher risk of serious flu-related complications.

What type of materials do you want to develop?

The toolkit materials are designed to ensure that your target audiences have access to the degree of information they may require. It is important to note that only repeated delivery of the messages will ensure that they reach the audience.

Materials PDF         InDesign 5.5       JPEG                 Illustrator  Word & PDF for translation 
Click on the links below to open and download the files you require

Posters for healthcare workers

2.20 MB

9.4 MB (zipped)



145 KB

2.5 MB

Posters for risk groups 4.89 MB 11.36 MB (zipped)



144 KB

5.18 MB

Leaflet for healthcare workers 1.6 MB 8.38 MB (zipped)



179 KB

1.6 MB

Leaflet for risk groups 3.7 MB

9.8 MB (zipped)



165 KB

3.7 MB

Factsheet for healthcare workers 692 KB 1.51 MB (zipped)



152 KB

855 KB

Factsheet for risk groups 604 KB 2.94 MB (zipped)



149 KB

866 KB


78 KB N/A 141 KB 492 KB N/A

Web banners for healthcare workers (various sizes) 

7.18 MB N/A 2.7 MB (zipped) 3.4 MB (zipped) * N/A

Web banners for risk groups (various sizes) 

21.82 MB N/A 3.5 MB (zipped) 3.4 MB (zipped)* N/A
Zip file of all materials in each format 11.3 MB N/A 6.2 MB 6.9 MB* 13.4 MB


*Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed font is required for these files.

How to adapt the materials?

Our materials can be adapted according to your language, cultural specificities and campaign focus. The files are provided in:

  • PDF flattened format for easy reproduction: this format can be used  to view the material and for printing purposes;
  • Adobe InDesign and Illustrator formats for professional use: this format can be used to modify the layout and/or the text;
  • Word files and “PDF for translation”: this format can be used to facilitate translation in your language.

For further information and to send us a feedback on the influenza communication toolkit, please contact

Disclaimer and copyright notice:

This toolkit and the prototype products are provided for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as official advice from ECDC.

This material has been created under a contract. ECDC is the copyright owner of the material created under contract, unless otherwise specifically indicated. In accordance with the copyright policy of the Centre, free use of the material for non-commercial purposes is allowed without need of prior authorization and as long as ECDC logo or reference is included.  Please be aware that certain parts of the material are licensed under conditions to the ECDC and, therefore, the licensed material shall not be used outside the specific purpose of the campaign. If a private entity is involved in any way in organizing, sponsoring or supporting by any other means the campaign, please be aware that use of the material is allowed as long as the purpose of the event is non-commercial.

Useful links

Council Recommendation on Raising seasonal vaccination coverage among risk groups and healthcare workers (22 December 2009)

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