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West Nile fever maps


 This week, a West Nile infection was notified by Austria, which has been detected through blood donation screening in Vienna. The person had not travelled abroad since several months; she later developed symptoms and a serological reaction. 

Two new cases were reported from Greece of which one from Ileia (probable), a newly affected area for 2014. No new cases were reported from Israel, Russia, Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina.
As of 22 August 2014, 31 human cases of West Nile fever have been reported since the beginning of the 2014 transmission season:

- Three in the EU (probable and confirmed) as follows:
  • by Austria: one confirmed in Vienna (Wien);
  • by Greece: two confirmed in East Attica (Attiki) and one probable in Ileia;
- 27 (probable and confirmed) in neighbouring countries as follows:
  • Seven in Russia, from Samarskaya and Belgorodskaya oblasts;
  •  Five in Serbia, from Grad Beograd, Juzno-backi district and Nisavski districts;
  • 13 in Bosnia and Herzegovina from Republika Srpska area;
  • Two in Israel from Netanya (Central District) and Tel Aviv.


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Reported cases of West Nile fever - updated 22/8/2014



Cumulative number of West Nile fever cases, by affected area, as of  22/08/2014 (31 cases) 


Country No by
Area First case
Number of cases Population
estimates (3)
total (1) confirmed (2)
Austria 1 Wien 19/08/2014 1 1 1687271
Greece 3 Attiki 12/08/2014 2 2 4088447
Ileia 19/08/2014 1 0 179161
Bosnia and Herzegovina 13 Republika Srpska 13/06/2014 13 0 N/A
Russian Federation 7 Belgorodskaya oblast 16/07/2014 1 N/A N/A
Samarskaya oblast 29/07/2014 6 N/A N/A
Serbia 5 Grad Beograd 17/07/2014 2 1 N/A
Juzno-backi district 17/07/2014 2 1 N/A
Nisavski district 17/07/2014 1 0 N/A
Israel 2 Central district 11/07/2014 1 N/A N/A
Tel Aviv 16/07/2014 1 N/A N/A


1) For EU countries, probable and confirmed cases, as per EU case definition     
2) For EU countries, confirmed cases, as per EU case definition     
3) For EU countries, population estimates for 2009 provided at NUTS3 level by EUROSTAT



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