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Situation update: 20 November 2015

As of 19 November 2015, 108 cases of West Nile fever in humans have been reported in the EU Member States and 193 cases in the neighbouring countries, since the beginning of the 2015 transmission season.

No new recent cases were reported for the last three weeks in Europe so weekly monitoring will stop this week and the outputs will only be updated on an ad hoc basis according to case reporting.

During the past week, were reported only a series of cases that occurred earlier in the season:

- In Italy a case was reported in Cremona province, whose infection occurred in August.
- In Romania a case was reported in Cluj county, whose infection occurred in October.
- In Russia, 19 cases were reported that occurred between July and October, 12 from already affected oblasts (Astrakhanskaya 8; Samarskaya 3; Voronezhskaya 1) and seven from new areas (Krasnodarskiy Kray 1; Lipetskaya oblast 1; Rostovskaya oblast 5).

In addition, in Israel, the place of infection is now available for four cases already reported last week. They all occurred in already affected areas (Central district 1; Southern district 2; Tel Aviv 1).

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