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Meeting: 'Operational preparedness for an effective and coordinated EU response'

17 May 2017 - 19 May 2017 Stockholm, Sweden Organized by: ECDC

​The joint meeting of the ECDC National Focal Points (NFP) for Preparedness and Response and the NFP for Threat Detection, Early Warning and Response Systems (EWRS) and International Health Regulations (IHR), will address current key operational preparedness, response and threat detection developments to ensure an effective cooperation within the European Union (EU) and between its partners.

The meeting is by invitation only and convenes also representatives from the European Commission (EC), World Health Organisation (WHO), EU enlargement countries and European Neighbourhood Policy partner countries. The meeting agenda includes presentation of the ECDC preparedness strategy; discussions and further development with Member States of the ECDC strategic work plans on threat detection, preparedness and response, as well as discussions on the developments and challenges in the global field response to international public health events and role of ECDC and member states.

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