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International Symposium on Phlebotominae Sand Flies (ISOPS VII)

25 Apr 2011 - 30 Apr 2011 Pine Bay Hotel, Kuşadası, Turkey Organized by: Turkish Society for Parasitology

Kusadasi is one of the endemic sites of human and canine leishmaniasis (L. infantum) in western Turkey. It is 80 km from Izmir city centre and one of the most popular holiday resorts on west coast of Turkey. The town is close to the remains of many archeological and natural sites.

The programme is not yet available but main topics of the meeting will be : Collecting sand flies – Repositories for sand flies and sand fly colonies – Taxonomy and genetics – Ecology – Physiology and immunology – Sand fly Saliva and immune response to sand fly bites – Leishmania-sand fly interaction – Other pathogens in sand flies – Sand fly control as a part of integrated leishmaniasis control programs

Abstracts sent by participants can be published as supplement of Turkish Journal of Parasitology (This journal is covered by Index Medicus and other international databases –

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Contact: Prof. Dr. Yusuf Özbel,

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