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ECDC publishes the Annual Epidemiological Report 2009

21 Oct 2009

The report was launched the 12th of October

The third annual report on the epidemiology of 47 communicable diseases and two health issues across the European Union and European Economic Area has been published. The result of a collective effort by 30 countries, it presents a comprehensive overview of the data from 2007 in standard tables and graphs, together with an analysis of the health threats monitored by ECDC during 2008.

The special focus of this year’s report is on vaccine-preventable diseases, acknowledging the positive impact that vaccination has had on European public health, while highlighting the importance of maintaining vaccination coverage. This is a particular challenge in the case of measles, given the WHO goal for eradication of measles in Europe by 2010.

By collating data from across Europe, the Annual Epidemiological Report provides an annual picture of the state of infectious diseases in Europe which supports public health policymakers in making informed decisions and prioritising action to improve the health of all Europeans.

Annual Epidemiological Report on communicable diseases in Europe
 Annual Epidemiological Report selected downloadable PPT slides
Press Release: Progress in the fight against communicable diseases in Europe

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