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Collecting data on infectious disease vectors in Europe: Enhanced version of the VectorNet tool released today

16 Feb 2016

An enhanced version of the VectorNet tool – an online tool for collecting and sharing data on vectors in Europe is being released today.  

What’s new in the VectorNet tool?

Some of the improvements in the next version of the web application are: 
  • Possibility for uploading a large amount of data: data in large files can be uploaded in batches.
  • Design and interface enhancement, to make the tool more user-friendly.  


The VectorNet tool

The VectorNet tool is an online tool where external experts in vectors and vector-borne diseases can submit information on the distribution of vectors like ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies and biting midges in Europe. The tool is accessible at:
Experts that wish to contribute can register and submit data at various administrative scales (NUTS 1-2-3) or data linked to geographic coordinates. The tool allows external experts to insert directly their data in an online database.

Call for experts

VectorNet is inviting experts interested in vector data collection and sharing to contribute to the vector database through submitting data to the tool. External experts can register online and start using the tool immediately.
For more information you can also contact:

The VectorNet project

The tool is developed within VectorNet  - the European Network for collecting data on vectors, jointly funded by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA).
Within the project a network of experts, supported by ECDC and EFSA, maintains a database with data on the geographic distribution of important vectors for European and Mediterranean countries, and disseminates this data through the publication of a series of distribution maps of the main vectors in Europe, on a quarterly basis.
The new tool is being presented at the annual VectorNet meeting taking place today and tomorrow in Antwerpen, Belgium.
Access the VectorNet tool:

More information

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