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Risk assessment on the situation in northern Africa, Libya and the influx of migrants to Europe

12 Apr 2011
Cover of ECDC Risk Assessment

After conducting a rapid risk assessment, ECDC concludes that currently there are no major communicable disease outbreaks in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya or in the reception and detention centres at the EU border. According to the rapid risk assessment report, from a public health perspective, the most urgent concern is related to the living conditions of the migrants.

In order to ensure early detection of the occurrence of outbreak-prone infections and illnesses causing high mortality, an appropriately adapted surveillance system could be in place in the reception and detention centres. Such surveillance allows for the early detection of any changes in trends of diseases and potential outbreaks, and permits the rapid implementation of control measures.

ECDC, in collaboration with the Member States, the European Commission and international organisations, is continuing to closely monitor the situation in order to rapidly identify and assess potential communicable disease threats.

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