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Toolkit for investigating food- and waterborne disease outbreaks

21 Feb 2012

The coordination of European FWD outbreaks can be difficult to manage. In order to help Member State countries with the task, ECDC is launching an online toolkit which provides investigators with a series of tools for the investigation of an outbreak that involves at least two EU Member States.

The “Toolkit for investigating food- and waterborne disease outbreaks with an EU dimension” is composed of a set of documents, templates, guidelines and explanatory texts. These materials follow the 10 steps of an outbreak investigation scheme, from confirming outbreak and diagnosis to evaluating and updating procedures, including case finding, characterizing the outbreak by epidemic curve and implementing control measures.

The toolkit also includes EpiData, a software that has been developed for field epidemiology investigations. The EpiData consist of EpiDataManager (for making questionnaires), the EpiDataEntryclient (for entering data) an additional Template-Builder programme and EpiDataAnalysis (for analysis) New features will therefore be available in the coming years.

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