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Substantial influenza activity in Europe but many countries report declining transmission: ECDC weekly monitoring

15 Mar 2013
Influenza in Europe at a glance: weekly infographic 4-10 March 2013
During week 10, 18 of the 27 countries reporting indicated wide geographic spread on influenza, 16 of which also reported high/medium-intensity transmission, states the Weekly influenza surveillance overview. Only one country reported an increasing trend, and 19 countries reported a decreasing trend in influenza activity.

Virological surveillance shows that the overall proportion of influenza-positive cases among sentinel specimens continues to remain high (54%), but it has decreased from the peak observed in early February.

Since week 40/2012, 48% of sentinel specimens positive for influenza virus have been of type A and 52% of type B. The proportion of A(H1)pdm09 has remained at about 60% of subtyped type A viruses.

ECDC published its annual risk assessment for seasonal influenza 2012-13 in early February based on data up to week 3/2013.



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