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Weekly influenza surveillance overview week 20: influenza season ending across Europe

25 May 2012
The reported national influenza trends indicate that the influenza season is coming to its end in Europe, highlights the Weekly Influenza Surveillance Overview for Week 20.

The 2011-2012 influenza season in Europe has been unusual. It started late, had no geographical progression and has varied considerably in its overall impact from country to country. The season has been dominated by A(H3) viruses with no antiviral resistance. Among B viruses, both Victoria and Yamagata-lineage viruses have made a substantial contribution toward the end of the season, with the Victoria lineage dominating in some countries and the Yamagata lineage in others.

During week 20/2012, all countries except Slovakia reported low intensity. Virological surveillance for week 20/2012 shows that of 119 sentinel specimens tested by 22 countries, 6.7% were positive for influenza virus.

As the 2011–2012 influenza season is ending, the weekly report will be replaced by a fortnightly report during the off-season period from Week 21 to Week 39.

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