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12 Jul 2012
Have your say: ECDC starts public consultation process

ECDC is today launching a public consultation on the report “Prevention of norovirus infection in schools and childcare facilities”. This in line with ECDC’s commitment to openness and transparency and it allows to collect comments from the scientific community and stakeholders, as well as all interested parties.

The draft report synthesises current international recommendations and reviews findings related to the prevention and control of gastroenteritis outbreaks in schools and child care facilities.

The focus is on norovirus, which is one of the most common causes of childhood gastroenteritis and and is characterised by high rates of infectivity and transmission.

Additionally, the report seeks to identify the key facts that can support message development for the implementation of health communication activities in child care settings.

Interested parties are invited to provide written comments on the scientific evidence and conclusions of the draft report by 31 August 2012.


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Prevention of norovirus infection in schools and childcare facilities – public consultation 

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