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West Nile fever, 18 October: One new case in the EU and nine in neighbouring countries reported in the past week

19 Oct 2012
West nile fever maps, 18 October 2012

One new human case of West Nile fever have been reported in the EU and nine in its neighbourhood over the past week.

In the EU, Greece has detected one new case, from Thessaloniki, a prefecture with previous case reports.

In neighbouring countries, for the first time this year Algeria has reported a case of West Nile fever, from the province of Jijel, Algeria. New West Nile fever cases have been found in other neighbouring countries: two in Russia, six in Serbia; Serbia has also updated the number and location of previously reported cases.

Every Friday, ECDC publishes West Nile fever maps on its website, based on cases reported up to Thursday of each week.

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