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Overall notification rate for measles continues to exceed the elimination target

04 Apr 2013
Overall notification rate for measles continues to exceed the elimination target

The latest data drawn from ECDC’s The European Surveillance System show that of the 29 countries that contribute to measles monitoring, only 13 met the elimination target of less than one case of measles per million population during the last 12 months. Contributing to the 8 032 reported cases are continuing outbreaks in Sweden and the United Kingdom, with the majority of cases in unvaccinated school children and young adults.

Although no rubella outbreaks have been reported in EU Member States since the February 2013 issue of ‘Measles and rubella monitoring’, case numbers are still high, especially in Poland and Romania, which together accounted for 99% of the 26 129 cases reported during the 12-month monitoring period (February 2012 to January 2013).

Measles and rubella are targeted for elimination in Europe by 2015. ECDC closely monitors progress towards interruption of endemic transmission of both diseases through enhanced surveillance and epidemic intelligence. Measles and rubella vaccinations are routinely delivered in the form of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine in Europe, and the first of the two recommended doses is normally given during the second year of life.

This month’s issue of ‘Measles and rubella monitoring’ features a guest article by four Health Protection Agency officials on ‘Measles and rubella surveillance in England’. Daniel Hungerford and his co-authors provide details on the United Kingdom’s measles and rubella surveillance system and offer useful insights into case management decisions, complete with a case management flowchart.

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