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Monitoring current threats in week 16/2013: ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR)

22 Apr 2013
ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR)
Food-borne hepatitis A outbreak

An outbreak of hepatitis A infection has been reported in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden over the last six months with 68 cases reported as of 17 April 2013, an additional two being reported this week. The source of the outbreak has not been identified but epidemiological investigations in the affected countries point towards frozen berries as vehicle of infection. ECDC’s assessment is that this is this is a multinational food-borne outbreak with a persistent common source. ECDC and the European Food Safety Agency published a joint rapid outbreak assessment on 16 April.


Large outbreaks of measles are continuing in the north-east of England and Wales. A new outbreak has also been reported in Berlin, Germany with 43 cases since February compared to only five for the previous period last year.

Avian influenza A(H7N9)

The CDTR also continues to report on the recent outbreak of avian influenza A(H7N9) in China. Between 11 and 18 April 2013, 49 additional confirmed human cases of influenza A(H7N9) virus, including seven deaths, have been reported from six provinces in eastern China. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 87 confirmed cases have been reported, of which 17 people have died.

The ECDC communicable disease threats report is a weekly bulletin intended for epidemiologists and health professionals in the area of communicable disease prevention and control.

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