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Seasonal influenza activity draws to its end in Europe

30 Apr 2013
Seasonal influenza in Europe at a glance, week 16

With influenza activity continuing to decline or having already returned to baseline levels in all reporting countries after more than three months of active transmission, the 2012–13 influenza season appears to be coming to its end in Europe, concludes the Weekly Influenza Surveillance Overview for week 16.

For week 16, twenty-four countries reported low-intensity transmission while three countries (Latvia, the Netherlands and Sweden) still reported medium intensity. Almost all countries reported decreasing or stable trends.

Virological surveillance shows that the proportion of influenza-positive sentinel specimens (26%) has continued to decrease since the peak  observed in week 5/2013 (61%).

Since week 40/2012, 47% of sentinel surveillance specimens testing positive for influenza virus have been type A and 53% type B. Of the influenza A viruses subtyped, the proportion of A(H1)pdm09 viruses was 62%.

In line with the downward trend of seasonal influenza in Europe, ECDC moves to bi-weekly reporting on influenza surveillance. The next influenza surveillance overview will be issued on 9 May and will cover the period of two previous weeks.

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