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Pandemic Preparedness in the European Union and European Economic Area – 2007

20 Dec 2007

At the request of Commissioner Kyprianou ECDC has prepared a comprehensive report on the level of pandemic preparedness in the European Union and EEA as of early autumn 2007.

This is based on:

The Report updates and expands on an earlier report on preparedness status in the Autumn of 2006

The 2007 Report is available in two versions:

An article concerning these reports also appears in Eurosurveillance

ECDC has also published a document highlighting a selection of the many innovations and good practises in pandemic preparedness  that were presented by the EU during the 4th joint EC/ECDC/WHO regional workshop on pandemic preparedness in Luxembourg in September 2007. More details of some of these are also available on the ECDC Pandemic Preparedness Innovation Pages.

 Full text Report

 Annex 1 - Results of survey of preparedness indicators from 30 EU and EEA member states (September 2007)

 Annex 2 - Major contributors to the pandemic self-assessments 2005–07

 Annex 3 - Consolidated recommendations given for Member States - work remaining to be done

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