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Risk assessment on the spread of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) through patient transfer between healthcare facilities, with special emphasis on cross-border transfer

13 Sep 2011
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The purpose of this risk assessment is to evaluate the risk to
the citizens of Europe of CPE spread through patient mobility and to assess the effectiveness of infection control methods to stop the spread of CPE within healthcare institutions.

This risk assessment is based on two systematic reviews. The first review looked at the risk factors for patient colonisation or infection with CPE and the second examined the effectiveness of using screening and/or targeted infection control measures to decrease the incidence of colonisation or infection in acute healthcare settings. In addition, a group of ten experts in infectious diseases, infection control, public health and microbiology attended a meeting in Stockholm, Sweden on 24 November 2010 to give feedback on the systematic reviews, and to provide their expert opinion and recommendations, which are all included in the risk assessment.

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