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Re-emerging multi-country WGS-defined outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis, MLVA type 2-12-7-3-2 and 2-14-7-3-2

06 Feb 2017
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​The detection of a WGS-defined cluster of 17 cases of S. Enteritidis in the United Kingdom in the autumn of 2016 highlights the re-emergence of a strain that was first identified in 2014 and caused an outbreak that was investigated from May to October 2015 in Spain and the UK.
This cluster is part of a multi-country outbreak involving at least four EU/EEA Member States, with 329 confirmed cases that has been ongoing since 2014 and it is being suggested that there might be a common source.
This rapid risk assessment contains an erratum dated 17 February 2017 
For phylogenetic tree of S. Enteritidis isolates see separate annex below:
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