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Gonococcal antimicrobial susceptibility surveillance in Europe – 2010

11 Jun 2012
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In 2010, 21 EU/EEA Member States participated in the European Gonococcal Antimicrobial Surveillance Programme (Euro-GASP), testing a total of 1766 isolates.

Euro-GASP 2010 identified a significant increase in the proportion of tested isolates that show decreased susceptibility to cefixime, from 4% in 2009 to 9% in 2010, using a cut-off of >0.125 mg/L. Rates of ciprofloxacin and azithromycin resistance remain high (53% and 7%, respectively).

The rapid increase and spread of decreased susceptibility to cefixime is extremely concerning as cefixime is a recommended therapy for gonorrhoea across Europe, as is ceftriaxone.

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