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Weekly influenza surveillance overview

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Weekly Influenza Surveillance Overview (WISO)  is a surveillance report containing a clinical and virological overview of the current week and of the season. For each reporting country, clinical and virological data for the week are presented in a table. The table also links to a clinical and virological overview by country and season. The weekly WISO is based on data available in TESSy at the snapshot is take. These are preliminary data so the retrospective situation may change over time.

The authors are experts from the influenza team of ECDC. The report is reviewed by the European Reference Laboratory Network for Human Influenza (ERLI-Net) coordination team:  Adam Meijer, Rod Daniels, John Mc Cauley and Maria Zambon.

On behalf of the EISN members the report is reviewed by Amparo Larrauri Cámara (Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain), Vincent Enouf (Institut Pasteur, France) and Anne Mazick (Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen). In addition, the report is reviewed by experts of WHO Regional Office for Europe influenza surveillance.




The weekly infographic on influenza in Europe (.jpg) provides an overview of influenza trends during the previous week.

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