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Sharing timely, reliable and comparable microbiological data across Europe is essential for effective prevention and control of communicable diseases. Thus, ECDC’s Public Health Microbiology Programme aims to strengthen the capacity of expert and reference laboratories in Europe and foster laboratory collaboration. The Programme encompasses all laboratory cooperation activities and microbiology projects of ECDC. It is executed through joint work done by the Microbiology Coordination Section, the Disease Programmes and relevant sections in the Surveillance and Response Support and Public Health Capacity and Communication units, in close collaboration with the EU/EEA member states experts.

Key priorities are defined in the Public Health Microbiology Strategy and Work Plan 2012-2016 and ECDC's strategic multi-annual programme 2014-2020:

  • Priority 1: consolidate the capacity of the EU public health microbiology for European surveillance of infectious diseases and for epidemic preparedness.
  • Priority 2: develop and implement a system for monitoring microbiology laboratory capabilities for European surveillance of infectious diseases and for epidemic preparedness.
  • Priority 3: develop and implement a roadmap for integration of molecular typing into European surveillance and epidemic preparedness.
  • Priority 4: further develop the EU integrated surveillance and epidemic intelligence of antimicrobial resistance in human and zoonotic pathogens.

Effective liaison and dialogue with key stakeholders is paramount for the successful implementation of the Public Health Microbiology Strategy. The appointed Coordinating Competent Bodies from the Member States include the National Microbiology Focal Points (NMFP), who advise ECDC on strategic and technical matters in the field of public health microbiology system. ECDC and the NMFP have reached a consensus on core functions of microbiology reference laboratories and fostering collaboration across some identified areas. ECDC actively collaborates with the European Commission, European Food Safety Authority, the World Health Organization and leading EU learned societies. 


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