HIV testing

Almost every second person (47%) diagnosed in 2014 was a late presenter or with indication of advanced infection. This means that these individuals are only diagnosed when their immune system already starts to fail. Providing antiretroviral therapy at the early stages of HIV infection allows people with HIV to live longer and healthier lives, and reduces the risk of transmitting HIV to others.

A quick and simple blood test will tell if one is infected or not – knowledge that can help protect their own health and that of others.

Why is testing important? 

  • There is no cure for HIV but early diagnosis allows access to lifesaving treatment;
  • Early diagnosis prolongs healthy life and reduces cost to the healthcare system;
  • To protect partners and unborn children: HIV transmission can be prevented once status is known.

Where to test?

 With the European Test Finder, it only takes a few seconds to locate a testing site near you – wherever you are in Europe.

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