Public Health Wales - EPIET

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Temple of Peace and Health, Cathays Park
CF10 3NW Wales
United Kingdom

Contact person:

Meirion Evans

Tel. + 44 29 2040 2471
Fax. + 44 29 2040 2529

Description of institute

Public Health Wales is an organisation that consists of a range of public health services including health protection, health promotion, screening, cancer epidemiology, and health information. The health protection division is an integrated public health, epidemiology and microbiology service. It comprises the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (CDSC Wales) where the EPIET fellow will be based, and a network of health protection teams, microbiology laboratories and hospital infection control teams across Wales.

The staff at CDSC Wales includes three consultant medical epidemiologists (Dr Chris Williams (director), Dr Meirion Evans and Dr Brendan Mason), several post-doctoral scientists, and scientific and administrative support staff. The centre also often hosts one or two trainees in public health medicine, microbiology, and occasionally other disciplines on short-term attachments. CDSC is also the headquarters for a highly skilled informatics team with longstanding experience of developing information systems in support of communicable disease control.

Close links also exist with the Institute of Primary Care & Public Health at Cardiff University (Dr Meirion Evans). The Institute runs an active undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programme, including Cardiff University’s Masters in Public Health (MPH) course, and has a strong research interest in the epidemiology of common infections and antimicrobial resistance.

CDSC Wales also collaborates closely with health protection colleagues  in Public Health England, Health Protection Scotland and the Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland. There are also good working links with Health Protection Scotland and several other centres in Europe with national responsibility for infectious diseases surveillance and control.

Training opportunities

CDSC Wales has a long track record of successful field investigations. It has an excellent network of colleagues in local health protection teams and environmental health departments that provides easy access for fellows to participate in outbreak investigations and to conduct field studies.

There are several opportunities for evaluating surveillance systems including general practice sentinel schemes, a comprehensive laboratory reporting scheme, schemes for surveillance of hospital infection and surgical site infection, and  surveillance schemes for sexually transmitted infection and blood borne viruses.

Recent research interests at CDSC Wales have included a trial on antibiotic prescribing and antibiotic resistance in the community, participation in the Second UK Infectious Intestinal Disease Study, geographic mapping of gastrointestinal infections, an EU bathing water quality study, and the epidemiology of zoonoses.

The director of CDSC Wales is an advisor to the Welsh Assembly Government on infectious disease issues. Fellows may therefore have an opportunity to be involved in public health decision analysis at the national policy level.

Cardiff University offers a Masters in Public Health programme and fellows may have an opportunity to teach on this, or to take part in specific modules as appropriate.

The fellow will be encouraged to participate in training of professional colleagues and to present her/his work.

Training supervision

Supervision will be under the direction of a consultant epidemiologist: Dr Meirion Evans.

Language requirements


Training history

Number of EPIET fellows trained at the institute: eight (1996, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009).
Number of EPIET alumni working at the institute: none.