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Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology
Srobarova 48
CZ-10042 Prague 10
Czech Republic

Contact person 

Pavla Krizova, M.D.

main EUPHEM supervisor

Tel: + 420 267 082 928

Fax: + 420 267 082 101



Description of the institute

The NIPH was opened on November 5, 1925. It happened after four years of building since the decission to fund jointly by Rockefeller Fundation and Czechoslovak state an institution aimed at scientific and educational activities in area of preventive medicine. The NIPH is an advisory institution for the Czech Ministry of Health. It has six centres oriented to public health, hygiene, mikrobiology and epidemiology. The Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology (CEM) has twenty five National reference laboratories working in frame of nine departments . The CEM collaborates with the network of regional public health centres and institutes (network of public health authorities). The mission of CEM is to organize nationwide surveillance activities, supervise communicable diseases notification system, carry out countrywide surveys , carry out quality control scheme in microbiology in the country and to be a partners for international activities and collaboration.

The main public health programmes

• Vaccine preventable diseases
• Foodborne bacterial infections
• Viral infections
• Mycobacterial infections
• Sexually transmitted infections
• Zoonoses
• Healthcare associated infections
• Antimicrobial resistance

The main public health core-functions

• Surveillance of infectious diseases
• Advice for vaccination strategy
• Public health microbiological research
• Teaching and training in public health microbiology
• International collaboration

Training Opportunities for EUPHEM fellow

The training opportunities for EUPHEM include work in various National reference laboratories of the CEM, including molecular methods and close collaboration with Dept. of infectious diseases epidemiology and participation in surveillance programs, in data analysis of national notification data on communicable diseases. The fellow will participate in designing epidemiological and microbiological projects. Field work is expected to be done in cooperation with colleagues in public health centres. There are many opportunities to present the work in conferences, regional seminars and during postgraduate training of epidemiologists and microbiologists. Writing scientific reports and articles is expected.


The EUPHEM fellow will be based in the Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology, projects will be available in all CEM Dpts. on personal negotiation.The fellow will be directly supervised by the main EUPHEM supervisor, co-supervisor, EPI-supervisor, disease-specific supervisors and could consult any specialist in the institute if necessary. All necessary support including computer equipment, communication and library facilities (both, electronic and printed media) are available. The fellow will be fully integrated in the team and will have access to information and databases of the Dpts. For the EUPHEM fellow, there is an introduction, which includes presentation of the surveillance system, background on the procedure of outbreak investigations in Czech Republic, a visit to a local health department and in the laboratories of the CEM (both virology and bacteriology).


Language requirements

English and some knowledge of Czech language would be welcome.


Training history

Number of EUPHEM fellows trained at institute: one