FWD Expert Exchange Programme

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The Food- and Waterborne Diseases and Zoonoses Expert Exchange Programme (FWDEEP) is aimed at public health experts working with food/waterborne diseases and zoonoses, Legionnaires’ disease and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It entails an exchange visit and is open to all technical experts working in an EU/EEA public health institute or laboratory at the national, regional or local level. The application of experts working on regional or local level must be supported by the relevant National Focal Point.


The objective of this exchange is to offer a flexible and sustainable programme for a targeted, hands-on learning opportunity for public health experts to develop their skills and competences. A selected expert will have a chance to spend a period of two to five days in an agreed hosting site on an on-the-job training principle. Each learning visit is organised around one or more specific topic/s as outlined in the scope of the application.

The exchange is expected to cascade newly gained knowledge to his/her colleagues in his/her home country and have a significant impact on improving public health laboratory capability, surveillance, as well as detection and response to food- and waterborne outbreaks. At the end of the exchange visit, the expert will submit a final report, summarising the activities during the visit (see template).

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