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The ECDC Fellowship Training Programme has two paths: EPIET and EUPHEM. For each path, there are two tracks: EU-track and MS-track. Both tracks follow an identical curriculum, but have a different application process. Before applying, please read about the ECDC fellowship programme.


In order to be eligible for the ECDC Fellowship Programme, candidates for both paths need to fulfil the following set of formal requirements:

  • Thorough knowledge of at least two official languages of the EU/EEA, one of which shall be English;
  • Be a national of a Member State of EU/EEA[1]; and
  • Be entitled to her or his full rights as a citizen.

In addition, depending on the path they apply for, candidates need to fulfil the following formal requirements:

Specific eligibility requirements for EPIET Path:

  1. Post-secondary education attested by a diploma[2] in medicine, public health, epidemiology, veterinary medicine, nursing, biology, microbiology, pharmacology, biomedicine or other health and social sciences, at the level of Graduate diploma or Masters’ degree or equivalent; and
  2. At least one (1) year working experience in public health or applied epidemiology; on a case by case basis experience obtained during Doctoral (PhD) studies in a relevant discipline may be accepted to count as such professional experience.

Specific eligibility requirements for EUPHEM Path:

  1. Post-secondary education attested by a diploma1 in medicine, biology, microbiology, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, or biomedicine, at the level of Graduate diploma or Masters’ degree or equivalent; and
  2. At least three (3) years of working experience in microbiology; or A PhD degree in microbiology or equivalent (e.g. clinical microbiology specialisation, veterinary medicine specialisations, or a specialisation in any microbiology field).


[1] UK nationals remain eligible to apply for the 2018 cohort. However, due to the uncertainties posed by the UK’s notification of its intention to leave the European Union, ECDC cannot guarantee that candidates will be able to complete the full programme at their host site beyond 29 March 2019.

[2] Only diplomas and certificates that have been awarded in EU member states or that are the subject of equivalent certificates issued by authorities in the said Member States shall be taken into consideration.


For more information consult the Administrative Decision and Fellowship Programme Manual.